Happy Halloween! 13 Funny Pet Costumes

Happy Halloween!

We typically focus on making you more productive and efficient at your job with our easy training software, but sometimes you just have to have a little fun…

You see, we have many passions here at Lessonly including 1. celebrating holidays, 2. animated GIFs, and 3. pets. Combine all of those and you get 13 funny pet costumes to make your afternoon a little less productive, enjoy!

#13 Captain Ameri-pug

captain america pug

Found on Giphy

#12 Pug Vader

darth vader pug

Found on Giphy

#11 Little Kitty on the Prairie

blue bonnet cat

Found on Giphy

#10 Catnip Bee

bee cat

Found on Giphy

#9 Wampa Pug

ice star wars pug

Found on Giphy

#8 Bantha Pug

sand person pug

Found on Giphy

#7 Chihuahua Tank

tank chihuahua

Found on Giphy

#6 Hoth Dog

hoth dog

Found on Giphy

#5 Dog-a-Doodle-Doo

chicken dog

Found on Giphy

#4 Nope Cat

nope cat

Found on Giphy

#3 Penguins Chillin

chill dog penguins

Found on Giphy

#2 What’s that smell?

waggly tail face

Found on Giphy

#1 Two Dogs and a Truck

two dogs and a truck

Found on Giphy

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